Sunday, May 11, 2008

Riding bikes & HRMs

I haven't been on the bike for say... 3-4 weeks, and I was threatening to K that I was going to sell my bike since I felt too slow for him.  Then we go on a ride, and I remember once again it's pretty fun... And I wish my bike fit me better :P

Gaaah. I wish bikes just *fit* me - it's so much work to find a bike that fits.

Speaking of which - my brother sent me his old Polar F6 HRM - sadly the thing doesn't work anymore. This actually kind of pisses me off - the HRM is say, 3 years old. The batteries only last ~1.5 years, and they also say you have to take it (or mail) to a special Polar dealer to replace the battery. Of course I try to do it myself, and now the screen is just broken. So the real question is: Do Polar HRMs only last < 3 years, or did I screw something up when I tried to replace it? Anyhow, I still think it is ridiculous that for a $100 HRM you need to spend $15 to replace the battery on the damn watch every 1.5 years or so.
And now I want a nice purty HRM (that's maybe not Polar) so I can figure out what heart rate is when I'm working out. Now to convince myself it's worth spending the money.

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