Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bangkok thoughts...

K and I spent a few days in Bangkok in the middle of our Hong Kong trip over Christmas/New Years last year. It feels weird using the term last year, since "last year" was just two weeks ago.

Food: The food was awesome, I had the best Hainanese chicken rice for 30 Bhat (which is less than a dollar), the thai food there was awesome, we had this awesome afternoon tea which included 10+ items that cost very little. I have lots of food recommendations if anyone ever wants them :)

Thai massage was awesome too, but that said, it's still expensive to fly that far for the food and good/cheap massages. The sites itself weren't too interesting, but old temples/religious monuments really don't do that much for me. The shopping was OK, it was cheaper by a little. Sadly, given the globalization of stores, it's really the same stores over and over again, which is a bit boring.

I guess looking back, I wouldn't fly all the way from North America to Bangkok for a trip, Bangkok itself isn't really worth it. Sure the food was wonderful, but the touristy sites itself weren't that interesting, and it was really too hot in Bangkok itself to do much besides eat, shop (indoors), do massage/spa related things. A lot of folks from Asia fly to Bangkok for a shopping/eating/spa trip, which is more worth it, since it's close by (2-3 hour flight).

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